GeoBeer Switzerland

Thank you all for coming to GeoBeer #26
sponsored by OPENGISch!

On May 16th, 2019, starting at 18:00, GeoBeer #27 will be hosted in the Emmental: The Franz Gertsch museum in Burgdorf is probably the most artsy location we've been, thanks to our sponsor Geocom. We look forward to an exciting evening with great people, a.k.a. you, in Burgdorf!

Pre-Program – Start: 17:15

Before our main program, we have the unique opportunity to visit the main collection and the current exhibitions of the Franz Gertsch museum

Program – Start: 18:00

  • Intro by the GeoBeer Team (2 mins)
  • Welcome Note from Tim Boerner (2 mins)
  • Lightning talk Visualisierung von Bauprojekten mit VR by Nicole Sulzberger, EBP
  • Lightning talk – Offene Geodaten für Schweizer Bahnhöfe by Georg Russ, Die Mobiliar
  • Apéro Riche, including the possibility to try out VR yourself


We meet in the Franz Gertsch Museum, Platanenstrasse 3 in Burgdorf about 5-10 minutes from the main station (see the map below).

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GeoBeerCH is an informal meeting of people interested in geography, GIS, cartography and the latest technologies.