GeoBeer Switzerland

On January 31st, 2019 at 18:15, GeoBeer #25 will be hosted in Bern (yes, again!) by our sponsor KKGEO-CCGEO. We look forward to an exciting evening in the beautiful old town of Switzerland's capital city!


  • Intro by the GeoBeer Team (2 mins)
  • Welcome Note from the hosts (2 mins)
  • Lightning Talk by Daniel Gantenbein of HMQ: BIM & Geodaten (5 mins)
  • Lightning Talk by Martin Christen of FHNW: Augmented Reality & Geodaten (5 mins)
  • Lightning Talk by Christa Hostettler of BPUK: Geoinformation in der Politik (5 mins)
  • To be announced: Lightning Talks
  • Apéro Riche


Haus der Kantone, Speichergasse 6, Bern, see below, it's just a 5 min walk from the main station

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GeoBeerCH is an informal meeting of people interested in geography, GIS, cartography and the latest technologies.