GeoBeer Switzerland

What is GeoBeer?

GeoBeer is a quarterly meeting of people interested in geography, GIS, cartography and the latest technologies. We want to promote ideas and communication. See our manifesto for details.

Who organizes GeoBeer?

GeoBeer Switzerland is organized by Anne Wegmann, Ralph Straumann and Marc Folini. GeoBeerCH is independent of any companies and organisations. You can contact us at or via Twitter.

We have been supported by the following local organizers:

Who is coming?

We usually have between 20 and 150 people from different backgrounds, depending on the location. But you can also meet some of the participants online, check out the Swiss GIS Twitter list.

Where can I find latest news?

Follow @GeoBeerCH or subscribe to our low-volume mailing list.


The event is sponsored by various companies and organizations in Switzerland.