GeoBeer Switzerland

GeoBeer #10

Tue, 2015-09-19
18:30h in Zürich

About 100 geo enthusiasts came to the Musiksaal of the city of Zürich to have a few beers and even some wine.

Sponsor: SOGI, with additional help from geOps AG, Stadt Zürich, Standortförderung/eZuerich, Mi Tierra Import Rapperswil, Geometa Lab (HSR Rapperswil).

There were two lightning talks:

Geobeer Storymaps - story - data - tools from geoportal of the federal authorities of the Swiss Confederation
GeoBeer #10: Storymaps - Raus aus den Schulden from Stephan Heuel

Before we had our GeoBeer, there was a SOGI session on data journalism and Open Data.

Here are some of the talks:

2015 09 18-sogi from Opendata Zürich

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